The ideal multicultural School - Students, parents and teachers at Highgate School design the ideal school

On 03, 04 and 14 April, 17 students, teachers and parents of the Highgate School in Nicosia took part in an interactive, structured dialogue workshop to envision the ideal multicultural school. Being already a very open and multicultural school, the Highgate participants could reflect on their own school, how they would like to see it in the future, and what obstacles are still faced on various levels. After three very interesting workshop sessions with extensive discussions, the participants concluded that open-minded teachers as well as a school environment that encourages cultural diversity are essential to create a multicultural school. While all participants agreed that teachers at Highgate are already very open-minded, they saw a major obstacle in the influence of the families and in parents that do not give the necessary support to a multicultural education of their children. In contrast to other schools that saw major obstacles in the educational system, the participants in this workshop agreed that the root cause obstacle in many cases is the fear of change and the stereotypes that are constructed and kept by the family and the society. Discussions brought many ideas for action at the school to further promote cultural diversity and that would specifically involve the parents as well.

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